How To Make a Video With Animoto

If your technically challenged when it comes to creating videos then you might want to consider an easy entry level starting point with Animoto Video.

Animoto is a web 2.0 video and slideshow creation tool that is known for making slick, dynamic presentations and videos primarily by combining still images and music.  Animoto was founded by TV and Movie producers who have done a very good job of developing a software that is easy to use and functional. Animoto is an excellent option for both beginner and advanced video creators looking to make a high-quality presentation or video. What make an Animoto video great is that it is entirely produced and created using their online interface. All you have to do is simply upload your source material (such as photographs, music, audio, or video clips) and Animoto will create a video that will make you look like a professional producer.





How Does Animoto Work?

You can either upload your own material (such as your own music or audio track), or choose from the options that Animoto has available on their website. They have all sorts of different categories that you can choose from. There are many things that you can use your Animoto video for. These can include using them in your training or marketing presentations, turning written content into video, and giving your internet audience an additional medium to view the content of your website or blog.

Is There A Free Animoto?

Although there is a free version of Animoto, the videos that you can make with it are limited to only being thirty seconds in length. Another downside to using the free version is that the video you make with it come branded with the Animoto logo on them, reducing their marketing and branding effectiveness. If you are only looking to use Animoto for back linking purposes, than the free version will suffice for your needs, but anything more and you should really consider purchasing the paid version.

How Much Does Animoto Cost?

The monthly fee of Animoto is $39, but this is a small price to pay if think that you will be making a decent amount of videos with the tool. In addition to the free version, they also have a light version too, which has more functionality than the free version, but is still limited in certain features as well. Using the light or free version to produce your videos is a good option for testing the software out and seeing if it fits in with your workflow.

How To Make An Animoto Video

The first step in making an Animoto video is to go to their website and create a new account if you don’t already have one.

After signing up and logging into the website, you are presented with the option of creating either a free (short) or paid (longer) video.

When doing so, select the options that you want for your specific video, and then upload the source material that you want to use.

After piecing together everything that you want to appear in your video, all that is left to do is to give your video a title, description, and the create video button.

Finally, you can chose to download your creation to your PC for distribution or Animoto gives the option to upload straight to your YouTube account.

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