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NVIDIA is a company that is widely known for creating some of the highest quality computer components in the world. They produce graphic chips, cards, GPU’s, and other computer processing components that enhance the power and functionality of the computers that they are installed in. It was almost a year ago that NVIDIA announced that they would be teaming up with YouTube to offer 3D functionality through the website. Graphic-lovers all over the world rejoiced and celebrated the innovating announcement.

YouTube has always been interested in adding 3D functionality to their site, but this news is different in the fact that NVIDIA is the industry leader in 3D technology. Remember those old cardboard red and green 3D glass you sometimes got at movies? They aren’t required anymore because NVIDIA actually offers several 3D viewing models, with their vision setup totaling around $150 which is not a bad price considering what is being provided. You obviously need the compatible graphics and monitors though, so in the end a proper setup could end up being around four or five-hundred dollars.



The end of the 3D cardboard glasses era is truly here, as NVIDIA and YouTube’s partnership means that the already 6,000 3D videos on the site can be viewed using NVIDIA’s shutter 3D glasses. Okay the official end may not be here yet, and most likely not for a while, but the partnership between NVIDIA and YouTube is a huge step in 3D video functionality. Although it’s not yet known how many  videos will work with the glasses as of yet, YouTube and NVIDIA are constantly working on increasing their offering.

The actual setup that you need to finally toss those old 3D glasses in the trash bin doesn’t only include hardware, but software as well. Firefox 4 and HTML 5 are needed to view the 3D videos on YouTube. Versions for Google are also being worked on as well, because let’s be honest, they own YouTube so their own browser should be able to work their new features.

In reality, 3D video functionality is still an experimental feature for YouTube. It’s not like it is fully implemented to work with every computer, you still need both specific hardware and software that millions of people certainly don’t yet have. On top of this is the fact that there are only approximately 6,000 3D videos on YouTube, so full 3D-functionality probably isn’t at the top of the list of priorities for the site. But there are certain manufacturers that have released 3D video cameras, so more 3D videos may possibly be added to YouTube in the year to come.

3D has been pushed a lot in the recent years by the movie and film industry, so it is only a matter of time until it becomes the norm for video streaming sites as well as everyday life. 3D gaming and television are two possible industries that are set to explode in the near future, and with newer and better technologies being developed every single day, it only makes sense to embrace for the 3D wave now.


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